On My Way To Nashville

** “On My Way To Nashville” is being further developed into a feature film! Check back for updates! **

On My Way To Nashville

Created and Performed by: Ce-Lee

Short Performance part of the Winnipeg Digital Fringe Festival

On the way to following her dreams, an aspiring musician finds herself living on the streets in a strange city. Stranded and hopeless she accepts her fate. Forever changed by her circumstances, April shares how she learned to survive through storytelling, music and satire. 

Inspired by real stories and accounts, “On My Way to Nashville” is a larger project almost two years in the making. Initially planned as solo theatrical production, it is now being developed into a film. This introductory excerpt strives to be a hybrid between the initial concept and the film-to-be.

Starring: Ce-Lee

Written and Directed by: Ce-Lee

Music and Lyrics by: Ce-Lee

Director of Photography: Reisha Hancox

Editor: Reisha Hancox

First Assistant Director: Bianca V. M.

Sound Assistant: Boma Cookey-Gam

Consultant: Matthew Mwaura

A special thank you to all those who shared their stories.