My whole life I have only ever wanted to be an Actor and a Singer. I grew up taking voice lessons, singing in choirs, youth groups and in talent shows. In addition to singing, I also play the piano, tenor saxophone and recently have begun learning to play the guitar. As a teenager I tried my hand at song writing (though didn’t get very far with it). Sometime during my late teens and early twenties I shut myself off from my musical abilities. I am not exactly sure what caused me to shy away from something I had so boldly embraced. Over the past year or so, I have been working to rekindle my musical side, beginning with my voice.

In May 2019 I created a solo performance based on music called Persona. I sang clips of four songs all as different characters in different musical styles. It was my first time singing publicly in a long time and so was a personal risk that ended up paying off. It was the first step in what I hope will ultimately be a new journey filled with music.

Persona by Ce-Lee; RAW Winnipeg; Photo by Paul MacLean and Mary Vallarta
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