Once the decision was made to adopt the stage name Ce-Lee, it seemed only natural to merge all of my artistic practices into one clear and concise name. Independent pursuits will now fit under the names of Ce-Lee and Ce-Lee Productions.

Antiscian Productions Logo

Antiscian Productions

Antiscian Productions has not disbanded; however, there are also no plans for any upcoming productions. Kaitlin Aiello and I have found ourselves pursuing different life paths. We remain good friends and artistic collaborators. We hope to continue to produce new work together but there are no plans to do so at this time.

Antiscian Productions was founded in 2013 and is a physical devised theatre company. The company’s mission is to produce multidisciplinary, movement based theatre throughout various genres and mediums. The work ranges from light-hearted physical comedy to thought-provoking performance art and has even included large scale interactive art installations.

For more information about Antiscian Productions please visit:

Timeless Weaver Logo
Timeless Weaver Logo

Timeless Weaver

In its brief existence, Timeless Weaver produced one play called Fractured Expectations. It was part of the 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.

The creative process was based primarily on developing character journeys for each of the actors involved in the play. The actors chose a specific aspect of “expectations” to focus on: relationships, career, re-locating, or expectations from others. Under my direction, the actors focused on the development of their own characters while also playing “extras” in each other’s scenes. The scenes were created through guided improvisation. As the play developed, four character journeys were interwoven to create an hour long comedy. An engaging feature of the play was that the scenes remained semi-improvised, so there were no two performances alike.

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