Artist Bio

Ce-Lee; Photo by Black Image Photography

Ce-Lee is the new stage name adopted by Rachel Smith! Ce-Lee is a newly self-employed actor, director and writer. She has a formal education from the University of Manchester, UK where she earned a Master of Arts in Theatre & Performance. Previous to her time abroad she studied at the University of Winnipeg receiving a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theatre & Film. In addition to her University education, Ce-Lee has gained practical experience through a combination of working under established theatre and film artists as well as through self-navigation.

Ce-Lee actively pursues opportunities relating to theatre and film and has recently begun to rekindle her musical past. She strives to be a versatile artist, always looking to challenge herself and take risks. Her passion is in the art of creating original plays and often self-produces her own indie productions. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada but endeavours to have an International career.

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