Rolling with the Times

In the spring of 2020, Ce-Lee expected to put on a one woman show for the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. Once the first lockdown happened and all festivals were cancelled, she expected to further develop her initial idea and create a solo show for the following summer, for this year’s 2021 Fringe Festival. Unfortunately, the festival was cancelled again this year.

Rather than waiting until 2022, Ce-Lee decided to change her idea for a solo theatrical production into an indie film. Ce-Lee is still in the beginning stages of script development and filming details but she already has some collaborators on board.

Check out the On My Way To Nashville page for further info and upcoming developments!

Unexpected Journey

Ce-Lee has recently begun work on a novel. The idea of writing a novel was never something Ce-Lee planned or expected to do. She woke up one morning from a vivid dream and knew the story had to be written down. She spent the rest of the day working on building the story from the dream and realized it had to be a novel.

There is no expected date of completion. At this time she is enjoying the process and relishing the opportunity to create in a new medium.

Persona by Ce-Lee; RAW Winnipeg; Photo by Paul MacLean and Mary Vallarta